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(New) Komodo Bag



Edgy and rare by nature, the Komodo Bag is one of its kind. Its finely handwoven six-sided frame and tribal black emblem designs make the Hexagon Bag a Bohemian eye-catcher. Its uniquely Balinese yet boho chic flare will stand out from any other bag in a crowd. With each Hexagon Bag being lined with its own unique piece of Batik fabric, you'll be the bearer of an exclusive work of art. 

Our Bali Bags originate in a tiny village in East Bali and come from a small family who has been handcrafting these bags for generations. With every purchase you are supporting them and bringing jobs to locals in the area.

Material: Ata vine, batik fabric, genuine leather buckle + strap

Size: Shoulder bag, H: 8cm x W: 20cm x L: 20cm Strap: 120cm

Each bag is unique. There can be slight differences in the size and coloring as a result of the handmade process.

Note: Due to the toasting process that each bag undergoes, you may notice a toasty aroma upon receiving your bag. This aroma will fade away over time.

Fits all iPhone models

Made in Bali 


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