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The Bingin Bali Backpack is an essential for the free spirited bohemians. Carry the Bingin Backpack around traveling, hiking, sightseeing, to festivals, school, or wherever life takes you. More like an art piece than an accessory, the beautiful handwoven craftsmanship and tribal black cross design will surely capture the gaze of any passerby.

The Bingin Bali Backpack is a medium sized, hard case mini backpack with a handwoven cross design. Each bag is lined with its own unique piece of Balinese Batik fabric, so no two bags are identical . There is a pocket inside measuring 11cm wide x 9cm high.

Our Bali Bags originate in a tiny village in East Bali and come from a small family who has been handcrafting these bags for generations. With every purchase you are supporting them and bringing jobs to locals in the area. 

Material: Ata vine, black batik fabric, genuine leather buckle + strap

Size: H: 19cm x W: 19cm x L: 13cm Adjustable Straps: 78-86cm

Each bag is unique. There can be slight differences in the size and coloring as a result of the handmade process.

Note: Due to the toasting process that each bag undergoes, you may notice a toasty aroma upon receiving your bag. This aroma will fade away over time.

Fits all iPhone models

Made in Bali

Name Origin: Bingin Beach is a well-known surf spot and also one of Bali's hidden beaches, tucked below the limestone cliffs on the Southern Peninsula. 


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