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farideh dunford owner/buyer and mom of two adults and one dog

At a young age Farideh has always been interested in fashion. With a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design she set off in the world producing fashion shows around San Fransisco and Sonoma County. As a single mother of two Farideh wanted to do more twords her degree and while producing these shows she and a partner started their own label, California Assfault and California Hardwear. Farideh was an avid mountain biker, boater, and snowboarder, so the brand had to follow suit. She ran CA and CH for a total of three years back in the 1990's. Then went to selling wine.
     Farideh worked mainly in the Russian River region for such giants as the Jackson Family Wines ( Kendall-Jackson), Windsor Oaks, and Martinelli Winery. Wine was priority with Farideh but she still had that strong desire to follow her dreams and open her own boutique. That dream became visible in February 2015 when she came to San Diego just to visit. Farideh always wanted to live there, and make San Diego her home. So Farideh and her fiancée Nick took their vacation time and looked at apartments as well as retail spaces. They looked everywhere in San Diego found that apartment but no luck with the retail space. A little broken hearted they went back to Sonoma County just to plan the move. Farideh decided to take that time and go back to school and study small business aspects at the SBDC. Again the excitement came back and she began to really be serious and dive into starting BluSandz Boutique.
     By May 2016 She and Nick made the move to Carmel Valley, and began their life down south. This was then that the idea of BluSandz became a reality! Farideh's dream came true. BluSandz Boutique opened its doors in March 2018!!
    "It because of my customers that my dream keeps on going. It is because of YOU that BluSandz is here today. So a huge THANK YOU to all of you!!!"
🧜🏻‍♀️xoxo Farideh Dunford Owner/Buyer

Payten Bartholme: MANAGER model and horse rider/jumper

      Payten Bartholme,  was born and raised a SoCal girl. As a young girl Payten has always lived in Southern California and loved everything it had to offer her then. Now ,she vows to never leave Southern California. " The beauty and what So Cal has to offer me has made this my permanent home, I can swim in the ocean and the same day ride my horse." "I have been the Manager/Buyer at BluSandz since we opened in March 2018. I became a part of Team Blu when I was asked to model for BluSandz boutique. I’m glad I agreed to do so because I have the most amazing boss, Farideh Dunford. "

     Payton is  now entering her sophomore year of college at a local university. She is currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Psychology. 

     BluSandz is proud to have Payten on their team. "She is a hard worker, and drops everything to either help our guests and to do special requests I may have", Farideh states smiling. Payten have been  been modeling for about two years now, and models now for BluSandz. Aside from modeling, Payten has been doing  horse hunter/jumping  since she was 6 years old and has been in love with it ever since then. "A connection with a horse is the most amazing feeling and it will never get old, I hope to continue riding horses for the rest of my life." 

🧜🏻‍♀️xoxo Payten Bartholme-Maneger  

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